“Chat and collect” at our disability equipment shop

Introducing the new “Chat and no-contact collect” service at our disability equipment shop.

To get started simply click the pink ‘Chat with us’ button at the bottom of this page.

Instead of the rather impersonal ‘click and collect’ services you see around the web, from today, we are offering a much friendlier ‘chat and collect’ service to help you buy products from our shop, during the coronavirus crisis.

The fantastic team at The Disability Resource Centre have found a safe way in which to provide products from our mobility and disability equipment shop.

We always ensure the highest standards of health and safety for our customers and staff.

So instead of visiting our shop you can now chat to us on the phone or via the chat service on our website.

We’ll tell you all about any items you are interested in, send you some photos and talk through the exact specifications, plus the price.

If you’d like to place an order we’ll arrange a ‘no-contact’ collection service.

walkers 2

No-contact payment

You will be able to pay over the phone and collect, with us observing the highest hygiene and social distancing guidelines at all times.

equipment shop here in Dunstable

Larger items may be delivered directly to your address from our suppliers through their own courier services.

So please either phone us on 01582 470 900 or chat to us through the website and our expert disability equipment team can help.

Second-hand items for sale

We have an ever changing stock of fully-cleansed, high quality second-hand items for sale too.

So please either phone us on 01582 470 900 or chat to us by clicking the pink ‘Chat to us’ button below.

You can always email us out of hours.

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