Photos of our new fitness suite

Photos of our new fitness suite

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Brand new photos

Take a look at the latest photos now that our fitness suite is all set-up. 

fitness suite img 1
fitness suite img 2
fitness suite img 3
fitness suite img 4
fitness suite img 5
fitness suite img 6

Brand new photos

The new gym equipment has been supplied by our friends at Matrix Fitness.When it’s all set-up there will be 12 new pieces of the very latest fitness tech, especially designed so that disabled people and people with health conditions can exercise safely.

Our fitness partners BIG Health & Fitness, Graham and Jude were here to supervise the delivery, both as pretty excited as us. 🙂

Take a look at the equipment being delivered back in December 2018.


Jude and Graham, from BIG Health & Fitness, wait for the delivery of our new gym equipment. It’s like Chirstmas has come early!


fitness suite img 8

Our empty gym, all cleared and ready for the new equipment.


fitness suite img 9

And the first piece of equipment arrives…


fitness suite img 10

Through the corridors and crowds…


fitness suite img 11

And there it is, the first piece of gym equipment is placed into position…


fitness suite img 12

Now it’s starting to look like a gym…


fitness suite img 13

Now we’re talking…


fitness suite img 14

There is lots of work to do to set-up the equipment, it will take a few weeks for the new gym to be ready.

fitness suite img 15

Vanessa is ready and waiting…

fitness suite img 16

Testing the equipment for the first time…

fitness suite img 17

Getting the gym equipment into position

fitness suite img 18

Getting the gym equipment into position

Support Lorna in the London Marathon

Lorna is running the London Marathon next April and will be raising funds for The Disability Resource Centre.
Check our special page all about Lorna’s progress with her London Marathon training, with interviews and photos.

fitness suite img 19

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