Walking sticks

We have a very wide range of walking sticks at our disability equipment shop here in Dunstable. Here is a selection of the most popular walking sticks from £18.

Choose from walking sticks that; you can fold; or sit on; or have four feet for extra stability.

Ergonomic handles – £15 ex. VAT, £18 inc. VAT

Our ergonomic handled walking sticks are well suited for those with arthritis, in particular rheumatoid arthritis. The handle is ergonomically shaped to contour to your palm, so is very comfortable for most users. The stick is adjustable in height, which ranges from 838-940mm (33-37″). The cane folds for easy storage and comes with the cane clip to hold it in place. Ferrule size for these canes is 19mm.

We sell this type of cane in a variety of styles, including plain black.

There is also a non-foldable option.

For those who do not like the rougher surface we also do a smooth handled version.

Comfort grip – £15 ex. VAT, £18 inc. VAT

Similar to our ergonomic walking stick but there is less surface for your palm, giving gentle palm support. The max user weight is 18 stone and the height range is 762-991mm (30-39″).

Gel grip handles – £15 ex. VAT, £18 inc. VAT

Our folding gel grip handled walking sticks offer a soft and smooth touch, minimising hand stress & fatigue. It is a very popular choice and is quite often an upgrade from the traditional wooden style.

The handle height adjusts in 2.5cm (1″) increments from 84 – 94cm (33″- 37″).

Maximum weight capacity 135kg (21st).

The ferrule size is 19mm.

Colour choices are red crackle, blue crackle and plain black.

Heavy duty cane – £15 ex. VAT, £18 inc. VAT

This walking stick is suited for the “extra tall” person, or for those who may exceed the weight limit on our other walking sticks. The weight capacity is 226kg (35.5st). This stick is manufactured from strong steel tubing

There are two versions of this stick:

Standard – Height adjustment of 70.5cm (27.75”) to 93cm (36.75”).
Tall – Height adjustment of 94cm (37”) to 117cm (46”).

The offset handle provides more stability, as it evenly distributes weight to the centre of the cane. The ergonomically designed handle reduces hand stress and fatigue.

Petite folding stick with soft grip handle – £15 ex. VAT, £18 inc. VAT

If you are petite then there is a walking stick specially for you! We can, however, usually cut down our other walking sticks if they are still too high, to suit your height.

The height ranges from 74cm – 84cm (29″ – 33″) in 2.5cm (1″) increments and has a maximum user weight of 135kg (21 stone).

Soft grip handle ensures comfort when in use and folds into four parts for compact storage

There are two styles – polka dot and striped.

Wooden handle – £15 ex. VAT, £18 inc. VAT


These folding adjustable walking sticks with a “T” shaped wooden handle are lightweight and easy to use, they fold away neatly for easy storage when not in use.

All canes have a maximum user weight of 135kg (21st).

Handle height adjusts in 2.5cm (1”) increments from 84 – 94cm (33”- 37”)

Ferrule size for these canes is 19mm.

This range of walking sticks come in several colours and patterns.

Swan neck walking stick with gel grip handle – £15 ex. VAT, £18 inc. VAT

The swan neck walking stick is ideal for those who are unstable on their feet and place a lot of weight on their stick. The user’s weight is transmitted centrally on the stick, therefore helping with balance issues.

An ergonomically designed handle with soft grip reduces hand stress and fatigue. The stick is constructed from sturdy, yet lightweight aluminium tubing. Push button height adjustment from 72cm – 98cm (28.5” – 38.5”).

Maximum weight capacity 135kg (21st). Please note there is also a heavy duty version with a weight capacity of 35.5st.

Swan neck walking stick with foam handle – £15 ex. VAT, £18 inc. VAT

The swan neck walking stick is ideal for those who are unstable on their feet and place a lot of weight on their stick. The user’s weight is transmitted centrally on the stick, therefore helping with balance issues.

This walking stick has a foam handle, which a lot of people like due to its softness. It also comes with a wrist strap to keep the stick from dropping to the ground when not in use.

Push button height adjustment from 28-37″ (10305-06)
Maximum weight capacity 227kg (35st)

Laser Cane – £225/£270 ex.VAT

We have a demonstration laser cane available here at our centre. It is specifically designed to help people with gait freezing, or gait ignition failure, such as occurs in Parkinson’s Disease and other Parkinsonian conditions. It is also useful for stroke rehabilitation and abnormal gait patterns, such as Ataxia.

The LaserCane is a lightweight adjustable walking stick which projects a bright green line across your path. PLEASE NOTE: The laser is most effective indoors – outdoors, especially on bright or sunny days, the laser can be difficult to see.

We do not actually sell the laser cane here but we do have a demo model and can put you in touch with the company who sells them. https://attainability.co.uk/lasercane-walking-stick/

Tripod/Quad cane – Various prices, from £19.25

We can sell one of these canes with either a tripod (3 prongs) or a quad (4 prongs) base. Both of these canes provide a wider base and therefore more stability for users with limited balance.

The base on both is 14cm x 14cm (5.5″ x 5.5″) which may be particularly suitable for negotiating stairs. However there are larger bases that are available – it is best to speak with us so we can tell you the different ones available, as we do not stock them all.

The swan shaped curved neck on shaft allows user to place weight directly over stick and through to base for increased safety.

Constructed from hard wearing, yet lightweight aluminium and chrome plated on base for durability.

Simple e-clip height adjustment from 72cm – 98cm (28″ – 39″) allows adaptability for different users.

Maximum weight capacity is 127kg (20st).

Adult crutches – £26 ex.VAT

Our adult crutches are sold in a pair and have ergonomically designed hand grips to distribute pressure over a wider area of the hand, improving comfort for those with a weak grip painful hands.

The crutches are only 0.75kg (1.5lb) and are made of aluminium, making it lighter to carry.

Both cuff and handgrip heights adjust easily and independently by push buttons.

Children’s crutches – £32.50 ex.VAT

Our children’s crutches are a fun vibrant yellow, which also makes it easier for you to notice your child in a busy outdoor area.

Lightweight yet incredibly strong, these aluminium crutches are safe and supportive for children with weakness or injury in one of their legs.

Sold in pairs, they’re available for two age ranges.

Handgrip height:
4-7 years: 380-530mm (15-21″).
6-10 years: 440-670mm (17-26″).
Handle to Cuff Height:
152mm (6″) Fixed

Walking Stick Accessories

Tripod stick tip – £4.50 ex.VAT

The tripod stick tip is always highly recommended by us as it provides more stability than the conventional ferrule. It is particularly good for users who tend to put their walking stick at an angle, wearing down just one side down of their ferrule.

The tripod may also keep your stick standing upright when on a flat surface.

It is 19mm so fits our standard walking sticks.

Cane clip – £2.70 inc.VAT (not vat exempt)

The cane clip is a great solution to the problem of where to put your walking stick when sitting down, for example at a restaurant The clip-on holder balances the cane and a rubber pad helps keep the holder from sliding off the table. The Cane/Crutch Holder securely grips a cane or crutch with a 16 to 25mm diameter.

Flexyfoot – £10.70 ex.VAT

The flexyfoot is a fantastic invention to help absorb shock, which can relieve pain and discomfort in the upper body. Our users find it particularly useful for crutches.

Flexible bellows help to keep the foot in full contact with the ground even on rough terrain, significantly improving safety and comfort.

The foot tread, developed to provide more grip on wet and shiny surfaces provides up to 50% better grip and helps to prevent slips, trips and falls.

All Flexyfoot ferrules are sold with two O rings that can be fitted to the foot to provide greater shock absorbency for full weight bearing or very active users.

Available in Grey or Black
Available in four sizes, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm
Maximum user weight: 130KG (20.45 st.)
Supplied with O rings for easy upgrade.

Ferrules (standard) – £1.50 each

We stock standard ferrules here, in sizes of 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm and 27mm.

They are £1.50 each and we are happy to put them on for you.

Please call us on 01582 470900 or email us to find out more.

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