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This project is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

The Wellness to Work course combines development of personal, social and employability skills.

Part of our popular Support Into Employment programme.

Delivered over a 10 week period for 2 days a week, the programme offers a range of modules designed to support both wellbeing and into work goals.

Day 1 includes a themed workshop around an aspect of preparing yourself for employment and the afternoon session covers IT skills.

Day 2 starts with job club and our afternoon sessions focus on wellbeing and mindfulness. 


This programme will run as a rolling programme so there are no ‘official dates’ set at present but the courses will run regularly as we already have high interest.  The course is 2 days per week (09:30am – 4:00pm). 

Minimum/maximum numbers

The minimum numbers the course will take is 8 and the maximum numbers is 12. 


We have our own delivery venue here in Dunstable with all of the facilities to deliver the sessions and we have mobile equipment for any outreach work. 

Please call us on 01582 470900 or email us to find out more.

We offer free help and support to prepare you for employment 

Why not join our free, friendly and supportive course offering one-to-one coaching and group support that will help prepare you for employment.

The course will improve your confidence and teach new skills to develop your job-hunting techniques. We will provide you with the support that you need to get back into work.

Our course will provide a tailor-made package of support to residents* with physical and work-limiting health issues who have a desire to return to work.

Your course will combine development of personal, social and employability skills. We will explore suitable work options, and can help find you apply for jobs.

“I actually took on two part-time jobs, while on the ‘Support into Employment’ course” Susan, February 2018.

“I got the job, which also fits in with my other (voluntary) commitments”. Terry, January 2018.

Read how Susan & Terry got themselves a new job after attending our Support into Employment course.

Training will include:

Your rights

Spend time learning about working with a disability. What your rights are as an employee, and what you can expect in terms of support and adaptations from your employer. Being knowledgeable in this area will remove some of the stress and allow you to feel more prepared and confident for interview. 

The problem with mindlessness

If you are living your life on ‘autopilot’ you will be missing out on many of life’s enriching experiences and interactions. Living without mindfulness can create unnecessary stress and anxiety. Learn new skills to help you get the most from your day and life.  

Mindful communication

Have you ever wondered why you just don’t seem to be able to get on with some people?  Aware that some people struggle to understand you? Communication and how we communicate plays an important part in our relationships. In this session you will learn more about the ‘art of communication’.  

Mindful stress reduction and managing emotions

We will learn about Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and how it aims to address prolonged periods of stress, which can lead to poor mental and physical health. We will also look at how we have a tendency to avoid difficult emotions and begin to explore them in order to help us better cope with challenging emotions. 

Sleep and continued wellness

In this session we will look into sleep hygiene and begin to understand how poor sleep behaviours can have a negative impact on our wellbeing. Continued wellness will explore your plans going forward. How to continue prioritising your wellness going forward and after the programme has been completed. 

Mindfulness in memory and learning

Have you ever struggled to remember simple things? Ever forgotten your keys? This workshop will show you how you can improve your memory by applying some simple mindful exercises. They’ll also be tips on how to use mindfulness when studying or learning and what you can do differently to make the experience easier.  

Relationships and empathy

In this session we will look at your relationships and how you can improve your relationships by applying mindfulness. Having an empathetic stance on other peoples’ situations and behaviours will allow you to bring more kindness into your interactions with others. 

Research on mindfulness

We will look at the studies and research on mindfulness, which will highlight the science behind the claims and the benefits.   

Cultivating self-compassion and emotional health

Many of us are too harsh on ourselves. In this session we will explore our relationship with ourselves. We’ll focus on the ‘inner critic’ and look at ways to nurture our own wellbeing. 

Anxiety and our social media society

Many of the contributing factors to anxiety can be linked to today’s fast paced, interactive way of living. Here we will look at the links and how to promote healthy use of social media. 

Confidence and communication

This introductory workshop will equip you with the techniques and tools to improve your confidence. You will also identify your preferred communication style other workplace preferences and then begin some work on communicating with customers.  

Career pathways

You will explore types of career pathways available to you by completing a personality profile detailing information on your strengths and employment preferences. In addition you will access job profiles to match your strengths to different types of jobs and then explore career trends.  

Improving employment prospects

Take a tour through the key elements of improving your employment prospects by gathering information on employers, increasing productivity, volunteer work, further learning and networking skills.

Your personal skills

This workshop will give you time to explore what your personal skills are by completing a SWOT analysis. We’ll identify your transferable skills which you can use in different types of career. 

CVs and cover letters

We’ll take a look at the different types of CV and how to present your information in the best format. We’ll go into fine detail about what to include in your CV and why.  

Customer service skills

Full of useful guidance to help you to establish good customer service and the impact of poor customer service. You will learn the importance of first impressions and how to communicate effectively with customers.  

Practical interview skills 

We’ll look at the different stages of interview, types of interview and the STAR model. You will also have the opportunity to be mock interviewed giving you ‘golden nugget’ feedback to help you improve.  

Job search

You’ll learn how to search for employment using traditional and digital methods. This will include using job search sites and social media as well as speculative job search, networking, Job Centre Plus and using employment agencies.  

Removing barriers and exploring progression

In this workshop we will explore common barriers that prevent adults securing paid employment as well as looking at your own barriers to learning and work. You will also access resources that will support your identified areas of development.  

Information technology

We will run this workshop designed especially for each group. You’ll learn the basics of how to use the internet to look for and apply for work.  We’ll also help you to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  

Please call us on 01582 470900 or email us to find out more.

* Luton, Bedfordshire, Northampton, Kettering, Daventry, Aylesbury and Cherwell.

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