CEDA support group

We can help if you care for someone with an eating disorder. Our support group meets twice every month.

Monday benefits form-filling

Monday benefits form-filling

On this form-filling workshop (held most Mondays) you will have help and guidance to complete your PIP or AA (attendance allowance) claim form.

Thursday seating demonstration

Thursday seating demonstration

Every Thursday we offer expert help with seating and a full demonstration of all the chairs and riser-recliners we have in our shop. Our seating specialist is here to advise and help you choose the best seating.

This course changed my life

Monthly free training for PAs in care

For new or existing Personal Assistants (PAs) our free training will help improve your skills in a way that is specific to your role. We are holding monthly PA induction training sessions…

Friday art workshop

Add a splash of colour to the end your week. Gain the therapeutic effects of art and learn lots of new skills in our small and supportive art group. Every Friday afternoon.

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