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If a Personal Assistant is leaving your employment please complete the Employee Leaving Form and return it to us at: payroll@drcbeds.org.uk

Download the Employee Leaving Form

This form along with a timesheet will enable us to create a final payslip for the Personal Assistant. 

This payslip will include any adjustments for annual leave entitlement, if there is annual leave owed the payment will be included on the payslip.

The payroll team will also produce a P45 and the Personal Assistant will be removed from your payroll. Invoicing for payroll will be changed to reflect the reduction in staff if no other Personal Assistant is recruited to replace them.

Please note: A leavers form is specifically for removing a Personal Assistant from your payroll, it does not close your payroll. If you wish to give us two month’s notice to end your payroll service with us please inform us in writing by emailing: payroll@drcbeds.org.uk

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