Susan & Terry have got themselves new jobs

Susan & Terry have got themselves new jobs

We’ve just heard from two local disabled people after they attended some of the training courses we provide at The Disability Resource Centre.

And they have both secured jobs.

Read how we have helped Susan and Terry

Susan said “I’ve been out of work for three years after being diagnosed with a health condition called myasthenia gravis, which is a rare long-term condition that causes muscle weakness​​​​​​​.

I wanted to get back to work but I was restricted by my low confidence. So I put myself on the personal assistants’ register provided by The Disability Resource Centre and went on the Employability course.

One of the first things we did was to look at the skills that we actually had, and when I looked at my skills analysis and the jobs that I could do, it made me feel more confident. With the support and advice from Nicola and the other people in the team, and those who were on the course, I actually started applying for jobs. Before the course I would look at job adverts and talk myself out of applying. But now I’m eight months into one of my job roles. I actually took on two roles when I was doing the course. One was a short term 3 month contract and one lady I work for hires me for six hours a week. I give her support and she gives me the confidence to know that I can still do things for other people. Even though I don’t work many hours it has given me the confidence I needed.

Thank you to Nicola and all the team for giving me this confidence to go forward”.

Terry has had a progressive disability throughout his adult life and this was compounded when he had a road traffic accident.

Terry said “I was unable to work whilst awaiting treatment and a spinal procedure. I attended The Disability Resource Centre as I had used them for several years for personal equipment. I had no idea of the extra services they were able to provide for disabled people in search of employment. 

One of their advisors suggested I might like to attend the Employability programme. I made an appointment to be assessed and he identified me as someone who may benefit from the Mindfulness course operating at that time before I started the back-to-work course.

I had been suffering from clinical depression following my accident and was low on self-esteem and self-confidence. I had life changing injuries and would be unable to perform my previous type of work.

I had no idea what the future may hold.

The Mindfulness course really helped me by improving my well-being and I was then ready to start the Employability programme and was encouraged to commence a Masters course in psychology. I enjoyed all aspects of the Employability course and learnt a lot about myself, improved my c.v. and widened my job search.

After about 8 weeks my tutor suggested I look for work voluntary work at a Bedfordshire College. So I applied and was accepted as a Learning Support Worker for English and Maths which I started every Wednesday. Almost immediately afterwards I saw an advert during my course from the PA Academy (run and administered by The Disability Resource Centre) and found suitable employment for 9 hours a week. I was then encouraged to apply for a job at The Disability Resource Centre itself, attended an interview and got the job, which also fits in with my other commitments.

I had never needed a C.V. in my professional life, formally apply for jobs or practice interview skills. I needed help desperately. But for the intervention of the tutors I would not have been able to realise my potential within the confines of my current disability. No one else had offered me any hope. I learnt new and exciting skills along the way, with expert advice from my tutors.

I received help for both mental health issues and my difficult road on the way back to employment. I have increased my work hours and I am very happy at The Disability Resource Centre and in my other personal assistant (PA) work and the volunteer role at Bedfordshire College”.

Note: We have changed the names and photos of our customers to protect their privacy.

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